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Many of our children are facing extraordinary challenges in the world today. They will require more than “Ordinary Parents.” They will require what we like to call “Super Parents.” This article will explain what it means to be a “Super Parent.”

Recently I was reading an article about some kids who had gotten into some trouble with the law.

I couldn’t help but think of the many times I have had parents in my office, often in tears, pleading for some way to help their children out of a particular circumstance they had gotten themselves into. Many times I have heard parents say out of frustration, “What can be done?” They then go and do nothing.

I must agree that parenting a child, especially a teenager, can be difficult. However, if we parents can stay on track, and focus time and energy on our children, many of the things that can be a deterrent in the lives of our teens simply don’t happen. Why don’t they? Because you, the Super Parent, deflect these possibly dangerous situations.

Let me share an example with you regarding what it takes to be a Super Parent: One teenager decided to skip school and “go out” during a particular class. The policy of the school is to call home and notify a parent when their child isn’t in class. Many parents who receive this call simply ignore the situation. Some take the time to talk with their children and “make them promise to never do it again.”

However, the “Super Parent” does something out of the ordinary. He does something that will stick with his child, so that if their child is thinking about trying it again, they’ll think twice. I had one parent actually come to school and sit in the class with his daughter without telling her he would be coming. SURPRISE!

You should have seen the girl’s face. “Dad, what are you doing here?” The reply came with a soft smile from the parent, “I just wanted to make sure you made it to class today.” The message had been delivered, and this young lady never skipped my class again. Kudos to that Super Parent!

The age of passive parenting has long since been over. With crime, drugs, and even internet pornography on the rise, we must become Super Parents to help our children avoid such dark corners that can tarnish and even ruin their lives. This means that we need to keep our eyes open for any type of deviant behaviour, watch and notice the actions of their friends, and monitor what they look up on the internet and what kind of media they read.

Sure this takes “personal” time, but being a Super Parent is worth it! Your children will come to respect you in the long run. And when it comes time for a parent teacher conference, the teacher will be doing all of the talking, letting you know how great your kid is!

If you have a toddler or pre-schooler, then you understand just how difficult it can be to keep them entertained (without resorting to sticking them in front of the T.V.)!

We often refer to our toddler as “our little tornado” since sheruns through the house causing havoc wherever she goes! It isdifficult trying to continually come up with new ideas to keep her occupied and out of my cupboards and drawers!

Of course she manages to entertain herself by using various tactics such as smearing toothpaste all over her body, colouring all over the furniture with markers, and trying to squash the barbies. Now, as fun as these are for her…they are definitely not fun for MOM! I would rather have some activities for her that are a little less…destructive!

Have Fun! And Happy Parenting!

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